Outdoor Lighting Gets Modern

Summertime is in full swing; tan lines, ice cream and backyard BBQs are in abundance. As we attempt to squeeze in as many outdoor activites as possible into the next few months, we thought it was the perfect time to get creative with outdoor lighting and bring some unique, contemporary design sense into the backyard.

Go Wireless

If you’ve ever caught yourself dancing around the yard to activate motion sensor lights, LED technology has afforded you a new freedom: rechargeable, portable outdoor lights.


Cube by Smart & Green

Waterproof, wireless and colorful, Smart & Green offers a wide variety of outdoor lanterns that take on all kinds of geometric shapes. These fixtures can be set to a warm ‘candle’ mode, to a specific color or can continuously fade through an endless amount of colors created by the RGB spectrum!

Perfect for brightening up backyard barbecues and setting a romantic atmosphere poolside; they are designed to thrive in bad weather and have a guaranteed high resistance to shocks.


Tower by Smart & Green

Bring the Inside, Out

We’re always hearing about how to bring the outdoors into our homes. They tell us,

‘Use potted plants!’

‘Try a throw pillow with a floral pattern!’

To mix things up, the outdoors is now taking cues from their temperature-controlled neighbor.


UTO Outdoor Pendants by Foscarini

Try a contemporary pendant or a fancy floor lamp. It immediately adds a touch of indoor comfort and makes you look like you’ve got the design sense of an HGTV host.


KTribe Outdoor Floor Lamp by Flos

Check out all of Lightology’s outdoor lighting collection at Lightology.com. From July 1-31, 2012, receive a FREE rechargeable LED Candle set when you spend $350 or more on select outdoor fixtures.


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6 responses to “Outdoor Lighting Gets Modern

  1. That looks great! It’s amazing how the way a landscape is lit transforms a property into something magical.
    Beth@ Chicago Landscape Lighting Design

  2. Some very nice lights here…I particularly like the light cubes and columns – they have a very modern look. Might have to save up and get a few for my garden…

  3. Wow! How beautiful these lights are! I like them specially the tower lights; they give a modern look & looking very pretty.

  4. Yes have to agree with Nicola the lights look amazing, its good to see that lights are becoming very innovative in there style, these lights are a summer BBQ must for me

  5. Steve Davis

    LED lights are fantastic, LED’s are great because as is shown in these pictures they can be used inside or outside. They can also save a lot of money on energy bills while still being as bright as normal bulbs. I would recommend LED’s highly.

  6. I love the effect LED has on the possibilities of outdoor applications. A real game changer.

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