Lightology earns Showroom of the Year Award

Recently,  Lightology attended the Dallas Market Center International Lighting trade show where Residential Lighting Magazine hosted its first-ever Showroom of the Year awards!

Lightology was one of ten nominees, and took home the Outstanding Merchandising Display award. We are thrilled to display this award and wanted to share some photos of the displays that earned us such fantastic recognition. If you are ever in the Chicago area, please come by to see it for yourself!

View the Lightology Showroom online virtual tour from anywhere, at any time.

The first floor is just the beginning!

Great views of our chandeliers from the second and third floor catwalk!

Our Swarovski and Schonbek Crystal displays are some of our most popular.

Our rooftop garden is a great place to find the perfect outdoor lighting.

Our storefront at night…

… and during the day!


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5 responses to “Lightology earns Showroom of the Year Award

  1. Jenn Graue

    Your showroom is a visual orgy! Thank You….

  2. Susan Weber

    We are looking for contemporary light above a contemporary pool table. Also ways to light up art work of all sizes, and over dining room table. We will be in Chicago May 6 – 11. Can you help?

    • Thanks for your comment, Susan! One of our salespeople will be glad to give you a hand. They should be in touch with you via e-mail about setting up an appointment when you are in town. Make sure to send us some photos of the completed project! Sounds lovely!

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